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New Longvision post
flight of the conchords
A few months ago, I started a Romanitas fanblog on Wordpress, Longvision. I started it because I was sick of being a fandom of one, and was hoping that Longvision might be found by some fellow Romanitas fans and jumpstart a fandom. Luckily, this was exactly what happened - and is the reason for romanitas_fans's existence.

I update Longvision on an almost weekly basis. The focus there is on commentary, discussion and the occasional piece of news. This week's post is a character study of Drusus.

I'll begin a master-list of Longvision posts soonish, so that anyone who wants to use them as a resource will be able to find them easily. If anyone has anything they'd like me to write about on Longvision (or if anyone would like to guest-blog there), send me a message.

If you want to comment on specific Longvision posts, please do so over there, and not at romanitas_fans.


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